Western Stainless Solutions is WA’s premium manufacturer and supplier of bespoke stainless steel solutions for:

  • Construction and building,
  • Shop fitters,
  • Mechanical services,
  • Health,
  • Retail,
  • Hospitality and commercial kitchens.

We manufacture and supply bespoke solutions locally to exacting standards with the experience, innovation, quality, processes and machinery required to bring your project in on time, on-budget ... read more...

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What our customers are saying about Western Stainless…

John Benfatta – Project Engineer

WSS came in at short notice and helped us rectify the poor products and expedite a remake/install to successfully deliver…

Ian Belton – Managing Director, Caterlink

Paul and his team deliver quality product and excellent service consistently. I highly recommend Western Stainless to any prospective customers.

Kevin Tompsett – Tender and Maintenance Manager, Adform

Staff at WSS are always easy to deal with and we very rarely have any problems with communication.

An Overview: Choosing the Right Grade of Stainless Steel for Your Project

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Beyond Exteriors: Stainless Steel as Structural Components in the Building Industry

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Stainless Steel and Extreme Heat

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How Stainless Steel Changed the Food and Beverage Industry

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Bio-Pharmaceutical Uses for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel suppliers in Perth do a lot of work for the medical industry, but we also do a lot for the pharmaceutical industry. Because stainless steel is corrosion resistant, it is one of the most sanitary metals you can work with. When it comes … [Read more]

Stainless Steel and Wastewater Treatment Applications

Some of our larger stainless steel installation projects in the Perth area have been for wastewater applications. Not only is it important for communities to have an ample supply of clean drinking water, it is equally important that the wastewater … [Read more]

Why Stainless Steel is the Material of Choice for Sinks

One of our more common stainless steel installation products for Perth area businesses is the stainless steel sink. We have made countless stainless steel sinks for the restaurant, medical, manufacturing and mining industries. No matter what the … [Read more]

How to Maintain Your Restaurant’s Stainless Steel Equipment for a Lifetime

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Western Stainless Supports Anzac Day Breakfast At Goollelal Primary School

Western Stainless had the pleasure of donating 500 sausages to Goollelal Primary School in Kinsley.After the school could not secure donations from surrounding suppliers, we were only too happy to help out a great cause.The dawn service … [Read more]

Get the Most Out of Your Stainless Steel

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