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At Western Stainless Solutions, we have developed a reputation as being among the best in our business: providing bespoke stainless steel solutions for business applications. The reason that we have that reputation is because we have a commitment to exceeding customer expectations and go to great lengths to honour that commitment.

Western Stainless Difference

We realise that no project is ever the same. Each one has its own challenges, requirements and unique conditions. We combine modern technology with our expertise to create innovative solutions for all projects, regardless of size.

Because of our commitment to customer service, we always keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “small” or “ordinary” project. We know that your project means everything to you and we never forget that. Consequently, no matter how large a project may be or how complicated it becomes, we see every project through to the end, providing the utmost in personalised customer service.

If you need a quick turnaround time due to a deadline, we can provide it for you. If you want a complete, turnkey solution for any project, we can provide that, too. No project is too large for Western Stainless Solutions, but no project is too small, either.

The Process: What to Expect for Your Project

The Consultation

Especially for larger projects, we recommend a client consultation, preferably on-site. The purpose will be to discuss every aspect of your project in detail. This will include any purchases of materials and/or equipment that will have to be made before starting the project. When we have your expectations and specifications, we can move on to the next step.

The Proposal

One of our hallmarks of excellence is our insistence that all proposals be made in person. This helps us build a strong relationship with you before even starting a project. When we make our presentation in person, it gives us the opportunity to fully explain every item in the quote. It also gives us an opportunity to make any adjustments or variations as needed.


When you are fully satisfied with your quote and everything has been planned to suit your requirements, we can proceed to the approval. After you sign the contract, we will explain the terms of payment and make arrangements for your deposit.

Scheduling the Project

After we have received the go-ahead for your project, we will then determine a start date, an end date and a date for delivery and/or installation. The timing will be based on your needs and our availability.


Prior to the handover, we will visit your site and make sure that we have covered all of the variations necessary. Our installation team will measure your site and make further plans for completing handover and installation, if necessary.

Final Drawings

If necessary, the installation team will complete final drawings. Then, we will request a sign off from you.

Industries We Serve

At Western Stainless Solutions, we create bespoke stainless steel products for a number of different industries. Here are two of them.


We provide a range of NCOP compliant solutions for the health industry, including scrub sinks, flushing rims, conventional sinks, endoscopy benches, anti-bacterial wall shelves and stainless steel bench work. Our custom made bench work is sealed off to be antibacterial and vermin proof. They are designed for easy sterilisation and cleaning and deliver both longevity and high quality.


We have a long history of providing a full range of stainless steel solutions for the hospitality industry. Our stainless steel fixtures are sanitary and easily maintained. We work closely with all clients to ensure that every single fixture meets or exceeds all health standards.

We are very proud to point out that we have extensive and detailed knowledge of all Australian health standards pertaining to the hospitality industry. This is a big part of the Western Stainless Difference. We are always able to deliver stunning work that is attractive, functional and fully compliant.

Our front of the house bench work is customised to integrate both hot and cold requirements. We also provide point of sale areas, under bench storage areas and a coffee area that includes custom knock knock inserts.

We offer stainless steel bars that include speed wells, cocktail mixing areas, insulated ice wells, scupper rails and beer tap trays. We also consider serve over framework that will hold most popular finishes, including polished concrete and stone.

Our back of the house work includes food preparation benches, including those for seafood and baking, stainless steel benches and sinks with pass-through work for dishwashing including inlet and outlet work.

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