Hygienic Benefits of Stainless Steel

In the food and beverage industry, there is no “room for error” when it comes to sanitation. That is whystainless steel has become the standard for sanitation in the industry, from small bars, delicatessens and cafes to large food processing plants. Here are some reasons that stainless steel is the overwhelming surface of choice in the food industry.

Hygienic Benefits of Stainless Steel

Rust Never Sleeps

In the food industry, rust is not an option. Most other metals, and all metals remotely within the price and performance range of stainless steel, undergo oxidation when exposed to air and water. This is bad for the food industry on two levels. Not only would rust contaminate food, but even when rust is removed from a metal surface, the metal which remains is pitted.

When a food surface is pitted, it becomes a breeding ground and hiding place for microorganisms such as bacteria and other microbes. This is dangerous for virtually any food surface. One underrated stainless steel application is cutlery. If someone is cut by a knife or any cutting tool not made of stainless steel, they risk contracting tetanus.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust. And unless you want to use a more expensive material like gold, silver or titanium, it is your best choice for applications where rust isn’t an option.


Because of its strength, corrosion resistance and smooth surface, stainless steel is one of the most cleanable surfaces available. This really produces the best of both worlds for sanitation. It is a strong, attractive surface that cleans as well as any metal in the industry.

Stainless steel has no cracks and no pores. It is resistant not only to rust, but to other corrosive agents, including aggressive chemicals. It also resists abrasive materials and isn’t easily scratched by metal utensils. In addition, it doesn’t emit any undesirable compounds and always maintains an attractive appearance.

Applications Requiring Sanitation

In restaurants, stainless steel is used for cooking tables, counters, bar surfaces, refrigerators, walls and ventilation hoods that are placed above ovens. It is also used for containers such as pots, hoppers and brewery vats. Stainless steel pipes are used for transport and stainless steel tanks can be used for liquid storage and
liquid transport.

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About Paul

Paul Bartlett is the owner and director of Western Stainless Solutions. He has a passionate commitment to personally seeing each project through from conception to completion. Mr Bartlett has owned Western Stainless Solutions since 2005. He had prior experience as a foreman for Caterlink, where he learned to fit out numerous restaurants with stainless steel equipment.

With Western Stainless Solutions, Mr Bartlett has overseen numerous large projects, always getting them finished on time and on budget. His favourite projects include:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Joondalup Health Campus
  • Coles Inglewood
  • Woolworths Yanchep
  • Mt Barker Chicken
  • The Merrywell Bar
  • Perth Children's Hospital
  • St John of God Subiaco refurb and development

Mr Bartlett has extensive experience in completing large projects, but is always around to add a personal touch to projects such as restaurants and pubs.

Mr Bartlett also has experience in the sports world. He currently serves as a volunteer coach for School Sports WA and spent two years as the General Manager of the Stirling Senators in the State Basketball League.

The bottom line: Mr Bartlett specialises in getting things done. He has a “hands-on” approach that is rare for owners of businesses the size of Western Stainless Solutions.