Western Stainless Solutions Hospitality Services

Western Stainless Solutions specialise in manufacturing safe, clean and easily maintainable stainless steel workspaces for the hospitality industry. Our team will work with clients to ensure the custom manufactured products meet all Australian standards and Health Department regulations before instalment.

It is our detailed understanding of these regulations that set us aside from our competitors and allow us to provide hassle free solutions to our clients. Our team will work closely with you to custom design products that will both look sophisticated and polished, but also provide practical solutions to improve you daily operational requirements. Here are some examples of what we can offer you:

    • Servery bench work
    • Front of house stainless steel bench work
  • Custom bench work to incorporate hot and cold operations.
  • Point of sale areas
  • Coffee area with custom knock knock inserts
  • Under bench shelving for storage
    • Stainless steel bars, incorporating;
  • Insulated ice wells
  • Cocktail mixing areas
  • Speed walls
  • Beer tap trays
  • Scupper rails
  • Serve over framework to hold most finishes considered, including stone and polished concrete.
    • Back of house bench work, incorporating
  • Stainless steel bench work and sinks, in a multitude of sizes
  • Pass through dishwasher; inlet and outlet bench work
  • Pass through benches and capping
  • Scrape holes and pre wash areas
  • Food preparation bench work
  • Bakers benches
  • Met prep benches
  • Seafood prep benches

No matter the workspace, we are confident our team can custom design and deliver a tasteful and practical solution.