Western Stainless Solutions Mining Services

Western Stainless Solutions is NCOP compliant which gives our team the expertise to delivering quality stainless steel solutions, which meet all mining industry Operational Health and Safety standards.

Our manufactured stainless steel products can be tailor-made specific to a particular use and are commonly used in a number of different circumstances, including but not limited to:

    • Front of House and servery stainless steel bench work for dry mess areas.
  • Custom bench work to incorporate hot and cold
  • Tray race runs for self serve areas
  • Under bench shelving for storage
  • Incorporation of carving stations and soup tourines
    • Back of House bench work, such as:
  • Stainless steel benches and sinks
  • Pass through dishwasher inlet and outlet bench work
  • Custom bench work for automatic feed dishwashers
  • Pass through benches and capping
  • Scrape holes, pre-wash areas and pot wash areas
  • Food preparation bench work
  • Bakers benches
  • Meat preparation benches
  • Seafood preparation benches
  • Custom cooking equipment infill bench work
    • Stainless steel wet mess bars, incorporating:
  • Insulated ice wells
  • Speed wells
  • Beer tap trays
  • Scupper rails

Serve over frame work to hold most finishes thought of incorporating stone and polished concrete or stainless steel.