What’s on the Menu: Your Kitchen Dictates Your Stainless Steel Canopy Needs

We provided an earlier blog post concerning custom design stainless steel installation of kitchen canopies for our many Perth customers. We would like to give a little bit more information about how your kitchen use and design will dictate your canopy design.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Canopy

A lot of it is determined by the Government in Australian Standard AS-1668.2-2012. AS-1668.2 provides a thorough explanation of minimum requirements regarding size and placement of kitchen canopies. We always advise exceeding minimum requirements when it allows for greater safety and/or greater ease and efficiency of operation.

When Do You Need a Canopy?

We recommend a canopy for all facilities that cook food, but AS-1668.2-2012 does allow for some leeway. Here are the current regulations for when a canopy is required by law:

  • If the total maximum power input of electric cooking equipment is more than 8 kW or more than 0.5 kW/m2 of the total kitchen area.
  • If the total gas input is 29MJ/h or higher or 1.8MJ/m2 of the total kitchen area.
  • The Local Government or Council deems it necessary to install a canopy.

Practical Design

Basically, your kitchen’s function and layout are going to dictate how many canopies you need and how large they are. We published the minimum size requirements in the earlier post on design tips for kitchen canopies.

When we do an onsite consultation and begin the design process, we take a lot of factors into consideration. First of all, we want to make sure the canopy does its job: removing airborne toxic byproducts of cooking and excess heat from the building. This means we not only have to make sure the canopy is large enough, but that the fan has sufficient power for your application.

Then, it is a matter of matching it up to the available space in your kitchen.

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