Stainless Steel Workbenches: Why the Manufacturer Counts

If your business needs custom stainless steel workbenches, the manufacturer you choose can be the difference between purchasing an asset that serves your business for years or a substandard piece of equipment that results in possible lawsuits. This is especially true in businesses where sanitation is of the utmost importance, such as the medical, laboratory and hospitality sectors.

Stainless Steel Workbench Manufacturer


The first requirement is that your benches should be made of the highest quality stainless steel. This is important because their resistance to corrosion, scratches and pitting must be high. The better the quality, the more years of service you can expect from a stainless steel workbench.

Craftsmanship and Accuracy

While some situations allow for standard table sizes, bespoke solutions are recommended in most cases. Your workbenches must be crafted to perfect size and structural integrity. Especially in a sanitary or even a sterile environment, a measurement that is even a mm off can cause cross contamination from microorganisms or environmental toxins.

In addition, great craftsmanship and accurate measurements ensure that any moving parts such as drawers last as long as the rest of the unit without operational problems or malfunction.


Stainless steel is most often used in hospitality, laboratory and medical settings because it is the easiest to keep clean. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our stainless steel products, especially benches in medical or hospitality settings, exceed all Australian sanitation standards in every industry for which we fabricate equipment.

High quality stainless steel benches are resistant to corrosion and scratches, which are both havens for microbial infestations. A superficial scratch in stainless steel is easily sanitised by standard cleaning and sanitation products, especially those that are industry-specific.

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Helping the Kids: New Children’s Hospital in Perth

Currently, we are involved in a project that we feel we received because we are one of the best stainless steel fabricators in Perth: the Perth Children’s Hospital.

Stainless Steel Manufacturer Helping Perth Children Hospital

The medical industry requires that every piece of equipment is 100% perfect. There is no room for error in the medical industry because their standard of sanitation is the highest of any sector of business. If a company provides a piece of stainless steel equipment that doesn’t retain its structural integrity at all times, it can allow bacteria, viruses or fungi to contaminate equipment, personnel and patients.

In other words, if we make mistakes or take shortcuts, somebody could die as a result of our actions. That is why the medical industry is very picky and thorough when deciding which custom stainless steel manufacturer they will allow to manufacture and install their equipment. That is also why the Perth Children’s Hospital chose Western Stainless Solutions for this marquee project.

We worked very hard with John Holland to secure the stainless steel joinery for this project and are proud to be a part of creating the Perth Children’s Hospital. We will be providing a variety of benches on this project, under strict deadlines and the aforementioned stringent standards.

We are known within the industry for our work at other hospitals and medical facilities because our work exceeds every known medical standard for sanitation and structural integrity. We combine modern materials and meticulous design to exceed those standards, such as the State Health Department’s Infectious Control Standards.

This is why we have become the preferred stainless steel fabricators in Perth, with numerous projects both in Perth and in other parts of WA.

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St John of God Murdoch Redevelopment Project

We are proud to announce another ongoing custom design stainless steel installation: the St John of God Murdoch redevelopment project.

Custom Stainless Steel Solutions - Health Industry

Project Details

The St John of God Murdoch hospital redevelopment is a $200 million project. The hospital is adjacent to the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch, which is a southern suburb of Perth. It is slated to be fully operational and complete near the end of this year. When finished, the redeveloped hospital will have 567 beds, a 56% increase of over the previous 363.

The reason we were selected by Brookfield to provide stainless steel products and solutions for this project south of Perth is because they were already familiar with our work and liked it. We previously provided stainless steel solutions for the adjacent Fiona Stanley Hospital and they were impressed with the value we added to their facility.

When it was time to award the contract for St John of God Murdoch, our previous track record was a major consideration and we were awarded the contract.

We provided a plethora of custom stainless steel solutions for the project, including dirty utility flushing rim benches, surgery scrub sinks, high care anaesthetic benches, sterilising room bench work, cleaners sinks and laboratory benches.

Your Next Project

Western Stainless Solutions is a Western Australian owned and operated business. We have been providing bespoke stainless steel solutions to Perth and the surrounding area for more than 30 years. We have an extensive track record of success in the health industry, the hospitality industry, the retail sector and have provided a host of mechanical applications in workshops. We also provide custom stainless steel products for the mining and building industries.

If you need anything custom built from stainless steel, there is a great chance that we are your best option. If you are looking for a custom stainless steel manufacturer to provide bespoke stainless steel solutions for your place of business, call us today: 1300 794 647.