Stainless Steel: A Great Commercial and Industrial Decision

Stainless steel products have become a staple around WA. Restaurants, pubs, medical facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical plants and plants for processing mining industry resources all use stainless steel for numerous applications. There are many great reasons why these industries choose stainless steel as their material of choice.

Stainless Steel: A Great Commercial and Industrial Decision

Here are five great reasons why so many restaurants, commercial and industrial facilities are choosing stainless steel.


Stainless steel is the “gold standard” when it comes to sanitation. It is cleaned more easily than any popular industrial material. It is non-porous and hard; consequently, stainless steel doesn’t harbour microorganisms. It is easily cleaned and retains its appearance and its surface integrity.

No Effect on Flavour of Foods

Because stainless steel is so hard and non-porous, it doesn’t affect the flavour of foods that come in contact with it. There is no chemical reaction between stainless and any food, spice or oil. Since it cleans so easily, it doesn’t absorb flavours to pass on, either.


Stainless steel looks great. It is easily cleaned to produce a shiny, attractive appearance. For some reason, stainless steel looks “at home” in a restaurant, bar, medical facility or any processing plant. Its “look” fits in with almost any commercial aesthetic.

Long Life due to Corrosion Resistance

Because stainless steel is so hard and corrosion resistant, it seemingly lasts forever. It won’t corrode, rust or degrade with age. This makes stainless steel one of the most durable materials on the planet.

100% Recyclable

Many businesses are now beginning to perceive it as their duty to conduct their affairs in an environmentally responsible manner. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable in the rare event that it does need to be replaced.

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