Guidelines for Selecting Stainless Steel

As the foremost stainless steel manufacturer in Perth, we would like to provide a short guide to make it easier when selecting stainless steel grades. Stainless steel is the engineering material of choice for many applications because it is strong, easy to fabricate and resistant to corrosion. Here are the four basic guidelines that are used when selecting stainless steel.

Guidelines for Selecting Stainless Steel

Corrosion or Heat Resistance

These are the most important considerations. They are the main reasons to use stainless steel over other materials in an industrial setting. It is crucial to know the environment in which the material will be used; this will help the stainless steel manufacturer know the degree of corrosion resistance and heat resistance that is needed.

Mechanical Properties

The most important property is strength, taken at room temperature, extreme heat and extreme cold. The combination of strength and corrosion resistance is usually the main criterion for selection.

Fabrication Operations

The next consideration is how the product is made or fabricated. This starts with forging and proceeds to machining, then to forming and welding. These all factor into the fourth consideration.


Many factors go into the cost of any stainless steel product. The grade of stainless steel used and the cost of production are main considerations. Other considerations include the longer life cycle and lower maintenance costs of stainless steel over other materials. All of these are factored together and weighed against other products that may have a lower initial cost but as little as a third of the life expectancy.

Why so Many Choices?

Any iron based alloy with more than 10.5% chromium is considered “stainless steel.” Austenitic 300 series stainless steel also contains nickel, while the 200 series contains nickel and manganese.

Ferritic 400 series stainless steel is a “straight chromium” stainless steel. Martensitic stainless steel is also a straight chromium alloy. Precipitation hardening stainless steel contains chromium and nickel. Duplex stainless steel contains austenite and ferrite in approximately equal parts.

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