The Goose Bar Gets an Upgrade

Our stainless steel installation crew completed another project, south of Perth in the Busselton at The Goose Beach Bar and Kitchen. The Goose wanted to change their operation from being a cafe into being a bar or tapas bar.

What They Needed

They had a few challenges for us. They needed to turn their operation over as quickly as possible with minimal “downtime.” They provided us with an idea of how they wanted their bar traffic to flow. In addition, everything needed to be compliant with new liquor laws. As you may know, all restaurant work, like medical work, is subject to the highest sanitation standards, so sanitation was a major factor in this project.

The Goose Beach Bar and Kitchen Upgrade

We love projects like this because we know we are up to the challenge. We are always very proud when we are able to help a business owner affect positive changes to his or her business. We started out by producing a design that would allow for more efficient use of space, resulting in better “flow” and more storage space. Then, we created 3-D drawings to help the client see and understand what we wanted to do.

What We Provided

After the client signed off on the project, it was time to get to work. Since time was of the essence, we prefabricated the complete bar. This allowed us to complete all of the work within a 48-hour window.

The results were stunning. We created a beautiful new bar for them with minimal disruption to their normal schedule. The Goose has totally changed their look and their menu, giving them a “beach vibe” and turning their old restaurant into a new bar and kitchen.

Does Your Bar or Restaurant Need a “Makeover?”

We have done projects from small pubs to major hospitals and everything in between. A new stainless steel bar or service area can be just what you need to modernise a restaurant without tearing it down and starting over.

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