Commercial Stainless Steel Reigns Supreme for Health and Hygiene

Sanitation, health and hygiene are the main factors that keep stainless steel suppliers in Perth busy. The medical and hospitality fields demand the utmost in sanitation and hygiene to promote health. The consequences of cross contamination are so high that medical and hospitality facilities simply have no margin for error. They can’t afford to use surfaces that provide any “hiding place” for bacteria to form colonies.

Commercial Stainless Steel Reigns Supreme for Health and Hygiene

Easy to Clean

One of the main benefits of stainless steel is that it is very easy to clean and clean thoroughly. Some of the qualities that make it so easy to clean: corrosion resistance, formability and strength. Stainless steel is roughly equivalent to glass or china in cleanability and superior to surfaces such as plastic, earthenware or aluminium.

Stainless steel has no pores or cracks; it is incredibly smooth. This allows it to be cleaned with soap and water for most food and medical applications. If it is used as a hood over a fryer or a grill, solvents will be necessary to remove hardened oils and fats, but for standard applications such as tables and workbenches, stainless steel is incredibly easy to clean.

The fact that stainless steel is such a smooth, non-porous surface has a number of great benefits for food preparation. During preparation, food is subject to changes in colour and taste. In addition, it can be easily contaminated, thus putting the health of customers at risk. Stainless steel mitigates and almost eliminates health risks due to its tendency to remain clean and not harbour bacteria.

Superior Resistance

Because it is non-porous, smooth and hard, stainless steel is resistant to abrasive materials, aggressive fluids and impacting utensils. Stainless steel doesn’t break down into toxic compounds and maintains its structural integrity under most accepted food and beverage practices.

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