Joondalup Health Campus Redevelopment

Recently, the Joondalup Health Campus contracted us to provide a custom design stainless steel installation for their facility.

Custom Stainless Steel Installation - Joondalup Health Campus

The Joondalup Health Campus Project

This installation was unique in that we started out in a consultancy role. John Holland approached us and asked us to provide “fixes” on some stainless steel products that had been misinstalled and mishandled by their previous supplier. The results of our collaboration were exactly what was needed, and Mr Holland would subsequently ask us to work with the hospital on the remaining areas.

Shortly thereafter, we began work on the new private wing and the redevelopment of the existing public areas.

We provided many bespoke stainless steel solutions at Joondalup, including scrub sinks for surgery, flushing rim benches for dirty utilities, bench work for endoscopy sterilisation rooms and dirty utilities for birthing suites. In addition, we provided stainless steel pass through doors for sterilisation rooms.

We provided Mr Holland with a number of unique solutions. These included the flashing off of the industrial washers and dryers, custom door striker plates, rope guides for the window washing system, stainless steel lift surrounds, custom door frames and specialised wall shelving.

We are proud of our work at the Joondalup Health Campus and would like to thank Mr Holland for working with us so closely to ensure world class solutions in a world class facility. We are also proud that our work at Joondalup was a very large factor when we were recently awarded the contract to provide custom stainless steel joinery for the Perth Children’s Hospital.

The administration at the Children’s Hospital was impressed with our solution-oriented approach to every task we undertook at Joondalup and decided that our approach would be most appropriate for their facility.

We Can Provide Stainless Steel Solutions for Your Facility

We provide a lot of stainless steel for hospitals and hospitality applications because both adhere to very high standards of health and hygiene.

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