Stainless Steel Grab Rails – Assisting Our Elderly in Public Places

As of late, the stainless steel grab rail is an installation that is becoming quite popular in Perth. The elderly and those who care for them have long known that installing stainless steel safety rails around the home is a great way to promote safety, but now many businesses and not-for-profit entities that cater to a sizeable elderly population are installing stainless steel grab rails.

Installation of Stainless Steel Grab Rails

There are many benefits. First and foremost, they promote safety by giving the elderly something to help support themselves when walking. According to a report released by the Western Australian Government, as many as 25% of people over the age of 60 will fall at least once during the typical year.

This is often due to staggering and loss of balance. Stainless steel grab bars or rails provide support for elderly citizens, especially on ramps or stairs, but also in bathrooms and near seating areas. High quality stainless steel provides more stability and support than a wooden grab rail. In addition, it is more durable and less prone to breaking if someone falls.

In medical offices, we recommend stainless steel safety grab rails in both waiting rooms and hallways. Grab rails help relieve the pressure on feet, ankles, knees and hips for many. They can also be a valuable aid when sitting down or standing up, helping with the transition.

At Western Stainless Solutions, our stainless steel grab rails meet all safety standards, such as Australian Standard AS1428.1 and those of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

We have installed grab rails in many medical facilities and are now beginning to see more businesses outside of the medical profession use them, too. Any facility that is open to the public and has patrons over the age of 60 should strongly consider installing stainless steel grab rails.

Western Stainless Solutions

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