Stainless Steel for Shop Fitting

While most of our stainless steel installation projects in the Perth area are in the medical, hospitality and mining fields, we also do a fair amount of custom design stainless steel installation for the retail industry. We work directly with shop fitters to help them provide the perfect solutions for their clients.

Why the Retail Industry Uses Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great fit in the retail industry for many of the same reasons it has become a staple of the medical and hospitality industries. It is versatile: suitable for use as the little “arms” on pegboard shelving but also appropriate for structural applications such as the storage areas in the back room of a “big box” retail outlet.

Stainless Steel For The Retail Industry

Stainless steel is strong enough to hold a lot of weight, but light enough that it can be easily moved if necessary. It is easy to fabricate and easy to clean. It is non-porous, meaning it doesn’t provide bacteria, viruses or fungi a place to easily “take hold.” It is non-corrosive and doesn’t rust, meaning it can stand up to chemicals and water on a regular basis.

Stainless steel also looks really great in display applications. It is the perfect material to represent a retail business. It has its own aesthetic and stays clean and shiny with minimal maintenance.

Some Uses for Stainless Steel in Retail

As we mentioned, stainless steel makes great storage shelves. It also can be used as the structural element holding the shelves up. It is often fabricated into large tables which are used as workspaces in the back storage area.

Stainless steel also makes great tables for the coffee and beverage areas of a store. They can be used as display tables for other specific products. Stainless steel can also be used for display shelving.

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