Stainless Steel and Wastewater Treatment Applications

Some of our larger stainless steel installation projects in the Perth area have been for wastewater applications. Not only is it important for communities to have an ample supply of clean drinking water, it is equally important that the wastewater that is created doesn’t contaminate the environment.

Most wastewater treatment plants use 304L or 316L grade stainless steel for standard wastewater applications. For more robust circumstances, duplex or super austenitic alloys are more appropriate.

Stainless Steel for Wastewater Treatment Applications

Why Stainless Steel is the Material of Choice in Wastewater Treatment

  • Provides corrosion resistance to many different types of wastewater
  • Tolerates very high flow rates
  • Has excellent ductility and strength
  • Easily fabricated
  • Easily transported due to light weight
  • Can be used to create an extensive range of products
  • Leaching levels into water are almost non-existent
  • Durable
  • Fully recyclable

Performance and Design Advantages

Stainless steel is nearly 100% non-corrosive, making it able to handle most waters. Because it is so resistant to both corrosion and erosion, it is perfect for high water flow rates. It can easily handle high velocities, pumping turbulence, high aeration and changes of cross-section. No corrosion allowance is necessary and stainless steel systems can be built with thin walls. It is not necessary to control water chemistry to avoid corrosion.

Environmental Factors

When storing, treating or transporting drinking water, the materials used cannot leach into the water past an “acceptable” level. Stainless steel has been tested in many countries and found to surpass all regulations for the prevention of contamination.

In addition, stainless steel is 100% recyclable and our products are often made of a high percentage of recycled stainless steel.

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Why Stainless Steel is the Material of Choice for Sinks

One of our more common stainless steel installation products for Perth area businesses is the stainless steel sink. We have made countless stainless steel sinks for the restaurant, medical, manufacturing and mining industries. No matter what the industry, stainless steel is the material of choice for sinks for a number of reasons.

Light and Cost-Effective

Stainless steel is a material that is light compared to other sink materials. It is a cost-effective material for fabricating custom stainless steel sinks.

Stainless Steel is the Material of Choice for Sinks

High Quality

Stainless steel is a high quality material for sinks and it is now even better. Design has evolved to a point where stainless steel sinks are thicker and less noisy than their predecessors.


Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials for fabricating sinks. It doesn’t crack, chip, stain or fade. It has a much longer “shelf life” or “product cycle” than other materials and doesn’t degrade like other materials do.

Bigger Capacity

Because of stainless steel’s unique combination of lightness, strength and durability, it is possible to make much larger sinks with stainless steel than with other materials, especially heavy materials like cast-iron or porcelain.

Low Maintenance

Stainless steel is the easiest material to clean when it comes to sinks. Usually, soap and water is enough to keep a stainless steel sink clean and performing as great as it did on the first day it was used.

Easiest to Keep Sanitary

Because stainless steel maintains such consistent surface, it is the easiest material to keep sanitary. Stainless steel is the standard material for many applications in the medical and hospitality fields where perfect sanitation is mandatory.


Stainless steel has a “self-repairing” quality that makes it “immune” to corroding. The chromium layer on the outside reacts to oxygen to “coat” the surface and protect it from rusting or chemicals.

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How to Tackle Tea Staining on Stainless Steel

For every stainless steel installation we complete in the Perth area, we conduct thorough follow-up. That follow-up not only ensures that our customers are 100% satisfied, but it also allows us the opportunity to further refine our service and our products.

One of the topics that comes up on later follow throughs is tea staining. Many of our customers don’t know the expression, so we thought it would be productive to explain tea staining here and how to neutralise it.

Tackle Tea Staining on Stainless Steel

What it Tea Staining?

Tea staining is a brown surface stain on stainless steel. It is actually rust; it is usually caused by salt air or similar atmospheric conditions. The good news is that a tea stain isn’t actually a stain and doesn’t affect the structural integrity of your stainless steel surface.

Cleaning Tea Staining

Stainless steel keeps best when it is cleaned with soap, water or mild cleaners. To combat tea staining, start with a bleach-free, chalk-based cream cleanser. Put it on a damp, soft cloth and clean gently. This should be enough. If it isn’t, though, the next step is a commercial stainless steel cleaner.

Always handle commercial stainless steel cleansers with care because they are often formulated with dangerous chemicals such as sulfamic, oxalic or phosphoric acids. After using any of these on a surface, it is important to rebalance the ph of the stainless steel with a sodium bicarbonate or 1% ammonia solution. Then, simply rinse the surface with clean water and gently wipe it dry.

If this doesn’t do the job, you can use a synthetic pad to rub the stain out. Always rub in the direction of the grain because pads are abrasive and can remove microscopic particles. This will change the dynamics and characteristics of your surface.

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Samudra Cafe: Not Just an Ordinary Cafe

Our latest stainless steel installation was about 2.5 hours south of Perth at the Samudra Cafe. Samudra Cafe is in Dunsborough, located in wine country in the South West corner of WA. Indeed, Samudra Cafe is much more than a cafe. The facility houses a cafe and wellness centre that cater to a raw vegan lifestyle.

Samudra Cafe: Stainless Steel Installation Perth

Samudra Cafe boasts a testimonial from David Wolfe, one of the foremost authors and proponents of the raw vegan lifestyle in the world. They aim to provide a healing experience by using a combination of living foods, yoga and various modalities such as massage therapy, ayurvedic medicine, kinesiology and life alignment.

To accomplish all of these, they house a cafe, an eco-clothing store and two yoga studios under one roof. The facility itself is surrounded by an organic garden and native flora.

Their requirements were unique. They wanted stainless steel seamlessly integrated into their wellness centre and cafe that was not only functional but wouldn’t detract from the natural beauty of the location. In other words, they wanted a man-made, functional product that would seamlessly blend into a natural environment and look like it belonged there.

We provided a combination of some off the shelf units and some custom fabricated stainless steel work areas. The end result was exactly what the owner requested: highly functional stainless steel work areas that blend perfectly into a pastoral, environmental theme.

We were able to provide a solution that allows Samudra Cafe to utilise all of their space effectively while adhering to Australia’s stringent health and sanitation standards. In addition, they are pleased with customer feedback indicating that the facility looks very attractive and that the blend of man-made and nature-made was executed in a way that brings both physical and aesthetic synergy to the facility.

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No Surprises: Why You Need a Custom Stainless Steel Fit Out

If you have a restaurant or pub in need of equipment such as appliances, tables, benches and shelves, you can choose to have custom design stainless steel installation or you can buy “stock” equipment already manufactured and try to fit it into your kitchen. We always recommend having the custom fit out because it is the only way to truly turn your kitchen into your own.

Why You Need a Custom Stainless Steel Fit Out

Ironically enough, many restaurant and pub owners think that it is “too much hassle” to have a custom fit out, when the reality is that the custom fit out saves a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

When we come out to your restaurant to give you an estimate, we work with you to determine exactly what you require, from your custom made oven canopy to benches to prep tables to shelves. This allows you 100% creative control over your kitchen. You don’t have to settle for somebody else’s idea of the right size for a prep table. You determine exactly how large you want your ventilation hood to be.

No two kitchen operations are ever alike. When buying standard tables, you are at the mercy of what manufacturers believe the average restaurant needs to operate efficiently. In other words, a fast food restaurant will end up with the same equipment as a gourmet restaurant.

At Western Stainless, we will provide an onsite consultation using your feedback and your vision to determine a custom solution according to your specifications and requirements. Whether it’s a kitchen or a bar, we help you maximise every square mm of space so that your equipment is an asset to your business instead of a problem.

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