Stainless Steel Grab Rails – Assisting Our Elderly in Public Places

As of late, the stainless steel grab rail is an installation that is becoming quite popular in Perth. The elderly and those who care for them have long known that installing stainless steel safety rails around the home is a great way to promote safety, but now many businesses and not-for-profit entities that cater to a sizeable elderly population are installing stainless steel grab rails.

Installation of Stainless Steel Grab Rails

There are many benefits. First and foremost, they promote safety by giving the elderly something to help support themselves when walking. According to a report released by the Western Australian Government, as many as 25% of people over the age of 60 will fall at least once during the typical year.

This is often due to staggering and loss of balance. Stainless steel grab bars or rails provide support for elderly citizens, especially on ramps or stairs, but also in bathrooms and near seating areas. High quality stainless steel provides more stability and support than a wooden grab rail. In addition, it is more durable and less prone to breaking if someone falls.

In medical offices, we recommend stainless steel safety grab rails in both waiting rooms and hallways. Grab rails help relieve the pressure on feet, ankles, knees and hips for many. They can also be a valuable aid when sitting down or standing up, helping with the transition.

At Western Stainless Solutions, our stainless steel grab rails meet all safety standards, such as Australian Standard AS1428.1 and those of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

We have installed grab rails in many medical facilities and are now beginning to see more businesses outside of the medical profession use them, too. Any facility that is open to the public and has patrons over the age of 60 should strongly consider installing stainless steel grab rails.

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Western Stainless Solutions and Pleased to Meet You

Recently, we were contracted to provide another stainless steel installation in the Perth area at a restaurant called Pleased to Meet You. Pleased to Meet You provides high quality cuisine in a casual environment. They don’t take reservations, making their restaurant less predictable than many. In addition, they have many offerings, both Australian and multi-cultural, with their own twists and tweaks added to the recipes.

Western Stainless Solutions and Pleased to Meet You

Consequently, Pleased to Meet You needed a bar and kitchen setup that is built for speed and versatility. We manufactured and installed the kitchen in a traditional vein with more than enough sinks, shelves and tables to provide everything they needed in a kitchen. They have enough table space for even the heaviest “prep” days and enough open floor space to most effectively utilise it.

While the kitchen turned out great, it is the bar that makes us the most proud. The owner wanted us to build a bar that provides maximum functionality while maximising use of space. The unique requirement: he wanted a bar that provided enough versatility and flexibility to change the layout according to his market.

In other words, if more people wanted cocktails than beer, he wanted to be able to pull out a beer station and put in another cocktail station. The opposite also applies: if they are selling more beer than cocktails, they want to be able to remove a cocktail station and put in another beer station.

We call ourselves “Western Stainless Solutions” because we specialise in providing unique, custom solutions to requests such as this one. We decided upon a modular system with modular glass washing stations, beer stations and cocktail stations. This allows management to “think on their feet” and instantly adjust the dynamic of the bar to the customers’ needs.

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Why We Use AutoCAD Layout

AutoCAD layout helps us make custom design stainless steel installation perfect every time by leaving nothing to chance.

Use AutoCAD Layout for Stainless Steel Projects

AutoCAD layout is the easiest and most accurate way to produce drawings for any projects. Here are a few of the reasons why.

You Can Draw Everything in Full Scale

Drawing in full scale, one to one is especially helpful for beginners but more efficient for everyone. It prevents having to waste time thinking about what scales and/or dimension styles to use when drawing.

It Shows Different Areas of One Individual Model

You can draw one time with full scale and get many different representations of the model. It can be depicted from different viewports, each showing different areas. This is helpful in situations where the drawing is too large for one sheet and also for using different scales for more detail.

Less Switching Between Dimension Styles

We won’t get too technical here. Suffice to say that the more dimension styles you use, the greater the chance of mistakes and confusion.

Drawing Scale is Easy to Control

Remember that we are only drawing in full scale. Scale can be adjusted in layout. All you have to do is select a viewport and then change the scale with one click on the viewport scale.

Only have to Draw the Model Once

Under the old model space system, drawings had to be copied every time they needed another representation. With AutoCAD layout, you can represent your original drawing many times.

Different Orientations

A drawing can be oriented, for example, in relation to itself and in relation to its surroundings.


Different layers can be represented in the same drawing. The most common example is to turn on the hatch layer for a drawing with more detail and turn it off for other drawings.

Annotation Scaling

This allows you to add annotation to a drawing and be able to read it easily in all scales.

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Hygienic Benefits of Stainless Steel

In the food and beverage industry, there is no “room for error” when it comes to sanitation. That is whystainless steel has become the standard for sanitation in the industry, from small bars, delicatessens and cafes to large food processing plants. Here are some reasons that stainless steel is the overwhelming surface of choice in the food industry.

Hygienic Benefits of Stainless Steel

Rust Never Sleeps

In the food industry, rust is not an option. Most other metals, and all metals remotely within the price and performance range of stainless steel, undergo oxidation when exposed to air and water. This is bad for the food industry on two levels. Not only would rust contaminate food, but even when rust is removed from a metal surface, the metal which remains is pitted.

When a food surface is pitted, it becomes a breeding ground and hiding place for microorganisms such as bacteria and other microbes. This is dangerous for virtually any food surface. One underrated stainless steel application is cutlery. If someone is cut by a knife or any cutting tool not made of stainless steel, they risk contracting tetanus.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust. And unless you want to use a more expensive material like gold, silver or titanium, it is your best choice for applications where rust isn’t an option.


Because of its strength, corrosion resistance and smooth surface, stainless steel is one of the most cleanable surfaces available. This really produces the best of both worlds for sanitation. It is a strong, attractive surface that cleans as well as any metal in the industry.

Stainless steel has no cracks and no pores. It is resistant not only to rust, but to other corrosive agents, including aggressive chemicals. It also resists abrasive materials and isn’t easily scratched by metal utensils. In addition, it doesn’t emit any undesirable compounds and always maintains an attractive appearance.

Applications Requiring Sanitation

In restaurants, stainless steel is used for cooking tables, counters, bar surfaces, refrigerators, walls and ventilation hoods that are placed above ovens. It is also used for containers such as pots, hoppers and brewery vats. Stainless steel pipes are used for transport and stainless steel tanks can be used for liquid storage and
liquid transport.

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