Why Stainless Steel is Crucial for Hygiene in Commercial Kitchens

As one of the most prolific stainless steel manufacturers and suppliers in Perth, we find ourselves providing bespoke solutions for a lot of kitchens. Stainless steel is the hygienic standard for kitchens because it is the best material that can be realistically used to build sinks, tables, benches and shelving. Other than using a grossly expensive metal such titanium, stainless steel is the surface that is the easiest to keep sanitary.

Stainless Steel is Crucial for Hygiene in Commercial Kitchens

In a restaurant or commercial kitchen, sanitation is important to prevent foodborne illnesses. It is also important to prevent food from being cross-contaminated by other substances. Stainless steel is so hygienic because it is easy to clean thoroughly. Stainless steel doesn’t have any pores, making it virtually impossible for dirt, bacteria, fungi or viruses to gain a “foothold.”

This quality is often referred to as “cleanability.” The cleanability of stainless steel is roughly equivalent to that of china or glass. It is far superior to materials such as plastic, earthenware or aluminium. When all of this is put together, you get a surface that provides aesthetics, economy, durability and flavour protection.

Stainless steel is so effective for food applications that it is rapidly becoming the material of choice for food containers in rural areas of countries with developing economies. Often, food is stored in the open and sold in the streets, exposing it to dust and other air pollutants. Stainless steel containers help control and minimise health risks.

Its resistance to corrosion not only makes it last a long time but also reinforces its non-porous nature. While stainless steel is a durable and sturdy surface, it is also soft enough that it can be easily formed into whatever piece of equipment is necessary.

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