How Stainless Steel Changed the Food and Beverage Industry

In this day and age, we tend to take stainless steel manufacturers for granted, in Perth and across Australia. However, stainless steel hasn’t always been around. Though it was created as early as 1911, stainless steel didn’t become popular in England and the US until 1929. Even then, the Great Depression would slow its rise.

The Safer Choice

Why was stainless steel such a revelation to the food and beverage industry? Couldn’t they just make their sinks and tables out of something else? Of course they could, but stainless steel made it easier to maintain a restaurant without making people sick.

How Stainless Steel Changed the Food and Beverage Industry

Most drinks, such as sodas, beer and dairy, can be corrosive to all metals. Not only would metal containers contaminate products with the residue of corrosion, they also became safe havens for bacteria. Food and dairy processing was much more dangerous to consumers before stainless steel became a viable option.

Only stainless steel can be used to process or transport liquids in a way that guarantees sanitation and quality. Most metals contaminate liquids if stored there for long. Before stainless steel, beverages were transported in bottles, which were fragile.

Stainless steel allowed restaurants to become much more sanitary. They also allowed food processing and storage to become much more efficient. Simply stated: large scale processing cannot be done without stainless steel.

Fast Forward

Currently, stainless steel is used in most food and beverage processing. Products such as beer, wine, dairy, soft drinks, meat, fish, vegetables and baked goods are all processed using stainless steel equipment.

For the food processing industry, they know stainless steel is efficient and safe. It is easy to maintain and keep sanitary to prevent foods and beverages from becoming contaminated from metals or from bacteria and fungi.

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Care and Use of Stainless Steel in the Shop

We would like to tell you about some of the guidelines used by stainless steel manufacturers and fabricators in Perth and across Australia. We feel that giving you some insight into what goes into taking care of stainless steel on this end can help you maximise the use you get out of it on your end.

Care and Use of Stainless Steel in the Shop

Avoiding Contamination

The number one pitfall for would-be stainless steel manufacturers is contamination of stainless steel by other elements. We avoid this by having a facility where only stainless steel is fabricated. Dual use facilities where carbon steel is also fabricated can cause carbon steel particles to contaminate stainless steel. These particles rust, giving the illusion that your stainless steel is rusting. It is extremely important to avoid contamination.


Scratches and gouges due to inappropriate handling can cause the integrity of the passive oxide film which protects stainless steel from corrosion to be breached. Consequently, all stainless steel plates and sheets are stored and transported in a way that they don’t scratch each other. Plates and sheets are never laid directly on the floor. Pirate clamps are used with caution so that they don’t gouge the surface.


Until the processing is complete, stainless steel is covered with paper or another protective wrapping. Stainless steel is always handled with clean gloves or cloths to keep it from getting dirty. Greasy cloths or oily rags are avoided at all times. All exposed surfaces are to be cleaned regularly, usually with a mild soap. Then, they should be rinsed thoroughly with water.

Do not use detergents that contain chlorine. Cleaning powders can scratch the surface; use them on polished surfaces only. Be sure to wipe in the same directions as the polish lines.

Remember not to use solvent cleaners in closed places or when you are smoking.

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