Stainless Steel Sheeting: 100% Recyclable and Environmentally Safe

Stainless steel product manufacturers in the WA area are proud to know that stainless steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials in use today. More and more Australians are becoming aware that the quality of our lives and of our children’s future lives is dependent upon protecting our environment from pollution and greenhouse gases.

Environmentally Friendly Stainless Steel Products

One of the ways the stainless steel industry is helping the environment is by making an effort to better understand the “cradle to grave” characteristics of stainless steel and adjusting the manufacturing process to produce processes and materials that have less negative effect on the environment.

The life of the typical stainless steel product is very long; stainless steel products are durable and seldom need to be replaced. This not only saves businesses money, but keeps someone from having to manufacture a replacement product as with other materials.

In other words, a stainless steel product will typically outlast two or three of a similar product made of different material. Since these replacement products never have to be manufactured, their carbon footprint and pollution is virtually erased and thus has no effect on the environment.

Stainless steel is in demand as scrap material and is 100% recyclable. Many stainless steel products contain as much as 80% scrap stainless steel. Most new stainless steel is composed of around 50% scrap stainless steel. This means that half of any stainless steel product has already been in use and served a long life as a stainless steel product.

Stainless steel plants have been “tweaked” to nearly the theoretical minimum of power usage, which lowers the carbon footprint even more. Even when a stainless steel product finds its way to a waste facility and isn’t recycled, it has absolutely no negative effect on the environment. Stainless steel won’t corrode or break down; therefore it doesn’t pollute the ground or its water.

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