St John of God Murdoch Redevelopment Project

We are proud to announce another ongoing custom design stainless steel installation: the St John of God Murdoch redevelopment project.

Custom Stainless Steel Solutions - Health Industry

Project Details

The St John of God Murdoch hospital redevelopment is a $200 million project. The hospital is adjacent to the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch, which is a southern suburb of Perth. It is slated to be fully operational and complete near the end of this year. When finished, the redeveloped hospital will have 567 beds, a 56% increase of over the previous 363.

The reason we were selected by Brookfield to provide stainless steel products and solutions for this project south of Perth is because they were already familiar with our work and liked it. We previously provided stainless steel solutions for the adjacent Fiona Stanley Hospital and they were impressed with the value we added to their facility.

When it was time to award the contract for St John of God Murdoch, our previous track record was a major consideration and we were awarded the contract.

We provided a plethora of custom stainless steel solutions for the project, including dirty utility flushing rim benches, surgery scrub sinks, high care anaesthetic benches, sterilising room bench work, cleaners sinks and laboratory benches.

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Western Stainless Solutions is a Western Australian owned and operated business. We have been providing bespoke stainless steel solutions to Perth and the surrounding area for more than 30 years. We have an extensive track record of success in the health industry, the hospitality industry, the retail sector and have provided a host of mechanical applications in workshops. We also provide custom stainless steel products for the mining and building industries.

If you need anything custom built from stainless steel, there is a great chance that we are your best option. If you are looking for a custom stainless steel manufacturer to provide bespoke stainless steel solutions for your place of business, call us today: 1300 794 647.

Understanding Duplex Stainless Steel

To the executive or business owner who just needs something made of stainless steel, the choices can be confusing. One of the first choices one often needs to make on a project is to choose between austenitic, ferritic and duplex stainless steel, which is half austenitic and half ferritic. Here is an explanation of what goes into duplex stainless steel and some of its preferred applications.

Duplex Stainless Steel - Storage Tank

Why Duplex?

Duplex stainless steel is designed to provide the benefits of austenitic and ferritic steels but without their drawbacks. Austenitic stainless steel is classified as a low-strength stainless steel. In addition, it is not resistant enough to stress corrosion cracking in many applications. Austenitic steel also has a high nickel content, making it more volatile in pricing. Ferritic stainless steel is also low strength and has weldability issues, especially in thick sheets. Ferritic steel also doesn’t resist low temperatures very well.

Duplex stainless steel, by virtue of its “50-50” composition, seems to retain the benefits of both steels while avoiding the pitfalls. It is twice as strong as either of its components, thus allowing a much wider range of applications. In situations where austenitic or ferritic steel is strong enough, duplex can be used in thinner sheets and provide the same performance with reduced weight. This makes it great for storage tanks, pressure vessels and structural applications, including bridges.

Duplex stainless has high weldability, even in thick sections. This is ironic, because those thick sections aren’t as necessary with duplex stainless as they are with austenitic or ferritic. Duplex is also tougher and can be used for applications with temperatures as low as -80 degrees C. Duplex stainless is highly resistant to corrosion cracking, which makes it great for swimming pools, brewing tanks, hot water tanks and processing plants.

Contraindications for Duplex Stainless

The main reason to not use duplex stainless is that its strength makes it less formable and less machineable than ferritic or austenitic steel. This makes it inappropriate for uses such as sinks, where a high degree of formability is needed. While it is highly resistant to cold, it can decompose in heat. Consequently, it is not recommended for use in temperatures higher than 300 degrees C.

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