Fresh Out the Oven: Western Stainless and Muffin Break Dianella

Recently, our skills as stainless steel fabricators were put to good use in the Perth area by a restaurant called Muffin Break in Dianella. Muffin Break is a shop fitting job that is routinely performed by firm called Adform. Since we are the preferred stainless steel supplier for this Perth area firm, we manufacture all of the wall sheeting, oven and mixer alcoves, sinks and bench tops.

Western Stainless and Muffin Break Dianella

Adform constructs the kiosk in their own workshop to ensure that everything fits. Then, they send us their substrates so that we can clad them and weld the bowls in. Once we have completed our tasks, all they have to do is collect the alcoves, bench tops, wall cladding and wall shelves to take back to their workshop and reassemble.

This allows them to find any issues well before the installation and helps them deliver their work on time with minimum disruption to the shopping centre or venue where the installation takes place. The timely and accurate manner in which the stainless steel is fabricated and installed allows the business to open its doors to the public sooner.

Muffin Break

Muffin Break has been in Australia since 1989. They started out in Canada but Australia is now their most prolific country. They have a total of 275 locations around the world. 190 of them are in Australia and 37 are in New Zealand.

As you may guess from the name, Muffin Break bakes fresh muffins every morning, along with scones, pies, quiches and many other items. Their stainless steel not only needs to conform to strict sanitation requirements but also has to provide durability in extreme heat.

Western Stainless Solutions

Muffin Break is another in a long line of hospitality outlets we have been proud to serve. Owners of restaurants, bars, cafes and cafeterias all know they can depend on us to get it perfect and deliver it on time, every time.

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