Western Stainless Solutions: The First Choice in Steel Fabrication

At Western Stainless, we can proudly say that we are the foremost stainless steel fabricators in Perth. While there are a lot of firms that call themselves “stainless steel fabricators,” they are often lacking in services offered due to not having the correct tools and equipment to produce what you need.

Stainless Steel Fabricator in Perth

That’s why it is important to research stainless steel fabricators and suppliers in the Perth area and make sure you find one who can provide you with a high quality solution for your particular needs.

If there are two characteristics you should look for, it’s resources and experienced, skilled workers. The best fabricator can’t work without sufficient resources, while a wide range of offerings is meaningless if the workmanship is shoddy.

Luckily, the Internet era has made research easy. You can look up the qualifications and offerings of many businesses in any field in one sitting. When searching for stainless steel fabricators in Perth, take the time to visit their websites. Are they professional or do they look like an off duty fabricator dabbling in HTML did it in his off-time?

How much industry experience does the company have? What do they have to offer? Have they worked on large projects such as hospitals and shopping centres? Are their projects connected? If so, this is usually an indication that they are being referred throughout the industry because of extremely satisfied customers.

For a point of reference, nothing short of perfection satisfies a CEO in the medical industry because the lives of their patients are at stake. Hospitals simply can’t afford to accept second-rate work. If a fabricator makes a mistake in a medical facility, it could affect sanitation and breaching the infectious control standards can have dire consequences. If a stainless steel fabricator is being referred from one hospital to another, you can rest assured that it is because they can be trusted to do perfect work.

Other Questions to Ask

One big question is “When can I expect my product delivered and installed?” You can also ask about backlog and how many projects are ahead of you. It is also a good idea to see if you can tour the facility. You can also show up for a “surprise” visit and see if you can look around.

When you are in the facility, is it clean and organised? Is the environment professional and staffed by competent people?

When it’s time to speak to someone about your project, you will want to tell them exactly what you need and ask if they can produce it for you. If they can, make sure you get a solid time estimate. It is also a great idea to ask if they have done similar projects for other accounts and if they have any testimonials.

Why Choose Western Stainless Solutions?

It goes back to our two most important considerations: resources and experience. We have the resources to build anything you need. We have completed so many major projects that you should be able to get a frame of reference in virtually any field, from medical to food and beverage to mining to shop fitting to the building industry.

Our more recent list of customers and projects reads like a who’s who of Perth businesses: Brookfield Multiplex, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Ausco Modular, McNally Group, Swan Chamber of Commerce, Woolworths, Lovisa and Sumo Salad.

No account is too large for us and no account is too small. We pay equal attention to all projects because we know how important your project is to you. From a small bar or pub to a large scale project such as a hospital, we have the equipment and resources necessary to get the job done.

We are Western Australian owned and have spent over thirty years developing a reputation for our core values: quality, integrity and trust. We have industry-leading turnaround times and are always able to meet deadlines.

If you need a stainless steel fabricator for a project, look no further than Perth. Call Western Stainless Solutions for more information or a consultation and an estimate: 1300 794 647.

About Paul

Paul Bartlett is the owner and director of Western Stainless Solutions. He has a passionate commitment to personally seeing each project through from conception to completion. Mr Bartlett has owned Western Stainless Solutions since 2005. He had prior experience as a foreman for Caterlink, where he learned to fit out numerous restaurants with stainless steel equipment.

With Western Stainless Solutions, Mr Bartlett has overseen numerous large projects, always getting them finished on time and on budget. His favourite projects include:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Joondalup Health Campus
  • Coles Inglewood
  • Woolworths Yanchep
  • Mt Barker Chicken
  • The Merrywell Bar
  • Perth Children's Hospital
  • St John of God Subiaco refurb and development

Mr Bartlett has extensive experience in completing large projects, but is always around to add a personal touch to projects such as restaurants and pubs.

Mr Bartlett also has experience in the sports world. He currently serves as a volunteer coach for School Sports WA and spent two years as the General Manager of the Stirling Senators in the State Basketball League.

The bottom line: Mr Bartlett specialises in getting things done. He has a “hands-on” approach that is rare for owners of businesses the size of Western Stainless Solutions.